Will you help us build Livvi's Place in Wagga Wagga?


We're building the first inclusive playspace in Wagga Wagga.

But why do we need inclusive play?

It's through play that we learn how to be part of society. Play is a fundamental part of childhood, and according to the United Nations it is a child’s right to enjoy play and leisure.

Touched by Olivia is Australia's only charity focused on creating inclusive playspaces. Touched by Olivia is delighted to partner with City of Wagga Wagga to build the first inclusive playspace in Wagga Wagga. It will be located in Bolton Park, and has been designed in consultation with the community. 


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Every child needs play

Play is the universal language. It reduces barriers and prejudices, and increases acceptance and awareness. 


People with disabilities are left out

Inclusion is more than a ramp. It goes beyond access and ensures that all elements of the playspace can be used by people with physical, intellectual, sensory or social disabilities equally. That's just smart, universal design.


The first inclusive place in Wagga Wagga

Livvi's Place at Bolton Park will be the first truly inclusive playspace in the region, and will create a hub where all members of the community can participate and belong - regardless of age or ability.

Touched by Olivia is a national charity. All donations made over $2 are tax deductible. To find out more about this project, visit touchedbyolivia.com.au/wagga